Hosting your website on AWS and Automate it

A lots web development team and agency now using AWS to host their website for clients or internal usages.

The most direct ways is to use the web console on AWS website.

There several ways to get this job done.

1) Using CodeCommit and SourceTree

In webbyPage, we used SourceTree to control our client's source codes. And it give full SSH connection to AWS Code commit.

Once client's domain is set on AWS S3 bucket, everytime our developer pushes changes and updates to the CodeCommit, AWS Pipeline will do the deployment works for us.

Then in the next couples of minutes, we can see updated rolled on client website.


2) Using Filezilla Pro to update source code to AWS S3

With the latest version of Filezilla Pro, it enabled use filezilla connection to upload files directly through FTP tools. This can be super handy.

You can click this link to read more about it.

The cost is only at USD$20. But no worries, sign package with us, the cost is covered!