Why you need AWS (Amazon Web Services) for your cloud or online management tools?

In WebbyPage, we fully rely our web services on Amazon Web Services. We've growned from using Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting for about 5 years. AWS has been prodiving us solutions that we can fully rely on. 

Services that Webby's application used on AWS:

  • - Simple Storage S3
    • WebbyPanel
    • WebbyCMS
    • Static Micro Pages
    • Serverless Dynamic Pages for campaigns
  • - Route 53
    • Client Support
    • Client Panel
  • - Elastic Beanstalk
    • All applications from WebbyPage
  • - Virtual Server EC2
    • All applications from WebbyPage
  • - Lambda Function
    • Automations of applications
  • - CodeCommit
    • Our main source code repository storage
  • - CodePipeline
    • Deployment automation & continuity delivery service
  • - CloudFront
    • Data traffics for all applications
  • - Relational Database Service RDS
    • Database structure for WebbyCMS
  • - ElastiCache
    • Performance boost for RDS in WebbyCMS
  • - API Gateway
    • An gateway for us to work with another agency that our client trusted. - Click to view our case study
  • - Rekognition
    • WebbyPanel's image analysing

AND much more.


AWS has about 90 web services in their library. There still alots for Webby to adapt all the services to help our client grow. Most importantly is that AWS has been providing almost 100% uptime for us to supplies our solutions to all clients.